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This is Bella (JenRus Redress Success), Bella was not shown as she has the wrong markings, but she was the proud Mother of Italy, and her other siblings (7 other puppies).  She was an excellent Mother, we bred her with semen from the Italian dog, Devil N Del Nord Ovest.  Bella is a lovely bitch and  a couple in Wanganui have her now as their life time girl, after their old bitch died.  So Bella has been retired to a better climate, and we regularly visit her, especially on her birthdays.  Hugs Bella Boo.

Bella at her new home in Wanganui, taken on a birthday visit to see her

 Bella on a visit home, after her new family called in at Easter 2010

Bella when we visited in April 2013, happy to see Grandad 

Bella and her new playmate at her home in April 2013 

Above - Bella with her Dad - Tony

Below - Bella with Granny - Jenny 

Thank you Tony and Claire for letting us come and see the old girl, one week before her 9th birthday.  It was great 

to catch up with you both again, and to see Bella.  Thanks again - Russell & Jenny 

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