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September 27, 2015
Sorry people,didn't up-date.  All pups have gone to loving homes.  Not expecting to have any more for about 3 years.  My apologies.  Email me if you have any queries, may be able to point you toward another breeder, however like myself, most reputable breeders have about a 2 year waiting list.  No promises.  Jen 

Harlequin Male Pup available

July 28, 2015

The Harlequin male puppy is available, to a loving forever home.  Please contact me with your details.  There is a picture under the puppy page.  Cheers everyone.
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Puppies taken

June 26, 2015
Sorry people the puppies are all taken except for the Merle, to a pet home.  The Black girl is mine, and the Black Dog and the Harle are spoken for too.  It is very hard to tell at this age, but at the moment - that is the standing.  Regards to all
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Puppies pic

June 25, 2015
Sorry late post - been a bit busy.  4 pups delivered Monday by c section.  3 Dogs - 1 Bitch (black).  Dogs are obviously, Harlequin, Black, Merle.  Yahoo - pups at last - all good weights, all healthy, and Mum is too - cheers to all Jenny

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May 18, 2015
Well blow me over with a feather - Italy is pregnant (at last).  Had given up and was going to get her spayed, as she has never taken.  Thought I would give her one last chance.  It worked.  Nearly fainted when the vet said she was pregnant.  
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July 7, 2011
Had EQC inspectors through today - house is had it - dropped too far, but we ok.  Have to await Insurance company now.  Hope that doesn't take another 10 months. 

Anyway - these poor men nearly pooed their pants when I let the kids out of their room, and then because Dom is keen on Italys bum - he was trying to mount her - well she doesn't take kindly to this, so she turns around and performs the same act to his face as he was trying to do to her, I think she is trying to tell him - this is a...
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Sad sad day :-(

June 5, 2011
Hi guys,  Bad day yesterday, 4 June, 2011.  We lost our old girl Georgia.  She was 11-1/2, and it was becoming a bit of a struggle for her.  She was such a lovely girl and our matriach, loved by all that met her and especially by us. A grand old lady, and super obedient, never a bother.  We thank her for the 11-1/2 happy years, and her lovely grand daughter Italy, who she lives on in.  Love you heaps Georgia.  Hope all our dogs live as long, exceptional life, exceptional dog. We hope that you...
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March 17, 2011
Hi everyone, just to let you know we are all okay, the dogs and us.  We are fortunate to not know anyone directly, that was killed, our thoughts are with those that do.

We lost a lot of our dane statues, but at least the live versions are all okay.

We all in Christchurch have our fingers and toes crossed that there are no more quakes, and hope that the Moon Man predictions are not correct.

Take care out there everyone, and keep safe
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