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Our lovely old girl Georgia, now 11- 1/2 years old, (Ch Crestwells Dress for Success).  Georgia is so sweet and never does any wrong.  She has proved to be a reliable stayer, and although now she does not have much of an interest in shows, or doing very much, you can be sure she is always there with a good tongue kiss, and she loves everyone she meets, as do those that meet her.

She is the Grandmother of this lineage, and I am proud to own her.  She may have lost the spring in her step, but she is a happy old matriach, respected and loved by all.  As advised on the previous pages, we recently had to put Georgia down at 11-1/2, from old age.  She was starting to find life a bit difficult, and we loved her too much to let her suffer.  Love you heaps, and miss you our dear matriach.

 Georgia is a Champion, and has won many BOB, ROB and Bitch challenges etc.

 Georgia kissing the bride, at a recent wedding at our house, where she was the star of the show, next to the bride that is.  Note the lovely flowers on her collar.

 Georgia turned 11 today 10/1/11 - she had a big party, and we had many other small dogs as well, but when "entree" was called, they all disappeared, "home" I guess.  Happy birthday old girl - hugs

 After the fluffiies (birthday guests) went "home" ?

 This is Scooby - one of her pups, he lives in Darfield, on a farm with a family of 4,  with horses, and lots of rabbit hunting.  We call and see him every year, Danes never forget, and he bowls us over every time, trying to give big kisses.  In the recent earthquake, he got such a fright, he ran out through the cat door, taking the whole window frame and all with him.  He was thankfully not hurt, but it must have looked very comical.


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