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Pictured is Italy (JenRus Italian Supreme) enjoying the sun under the blossom, and below is a picture of  her father  Devil N Del Nord Ovest (Italian, Monaco, and International Champion), and her half brother, at a show.

Italy, at a recent wedding at our house.   Italy has flowers on her collar.  Grandad Domino in the background

This is one of Italys litter sisters, "Mystic" she lives with a lovely couple in Hawaii, who love her dearly, and waited for her arrival.  They had also had Warpaint lines before and value the lineage, they wanted the same again.  Alex and Dorn - her owners have a lovely house, with another dane, a harlequin (Rowdy) for her to have company, and about 4 doxies.  Mystic loves walks along the beach over there and playing in a local dog park, and having the run of a friends farm.  She has a cooling system above her bed, and loves her Mum & Dad, and her new family.


Italy also has a litter sister in Melbourne, and another one in Sydney, all loved and cherished   We hope to get to Hawaii again soon, we have been and visited the sister in Sydney twice, but have also yet to make it to Melbourne, although the Melbourne owners, have been to see us, and all the family, be there soon as, Greg and Melissa, (hugs to you both, and of course Tara, and Casper - her dalmation playmate). 

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