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4 healthy puppies.  3 dogs = 1 x Merle, 1 x Harlequin, 1 x Black.  1 Black bitch (Mine),   1 of the dogs is taken too, either the black or the Harle.  Unsure until they are about 1 month old.  Cheers all.  Thanks for all your prayers over the last many years - they must have finally worked !!!! 

The Harlequin boy is available. SORRY GONE NOW TO LOVELY HOMES -  Lovely boy, His name is Wilson (currently).  Pedigree with papers.  He will be a stunning large boy.  Would prefer a show home, but the main thing is he goes to a loving forever home.

Notes for anyone considering a Great Dane;

First I should tell you why I have Danes, and love them.  They are the most loving, caring dogs, and love their owners;  they are loyal and goofy (they will back up and sit on your knee - considering themselves as little lap dogs);  they love people and people love them;  Danes do not require a lot of exercise or grooming;  they are happy to blob out with you, on the couch, or in the sun.  Your bed will be taken over - given half the chance.  Generally Danes do not jump, so a fence about your chest height is normally sufficient.  They are very people orientated, and unlike little dogs, they are not "on the go" all day - most of their day is taken up with sleeping, and being with you.  They are reasonably good guard dogs (if awake), but their bark when someone arrives is normally enough to keep anyone away.  Totally soppy, lovable, and of very kind disposition, but on the outside they just look huge and off putting to burglars.

They are the best dogs ever made - but with the first 9 months being the crucial period - here is what they need, to be the healthy, happy, best mate, that you want to love and enjoy:

Great Danes are large dogs, and males can weigh (at maturity) 80 kgs.  They therefore grow very rapidly, and in the first 9 months, is when they do 95% of this growth.   During this initial 9 months - it is imperative that they are feed premium dog food, to ensure that they are getting the necessary nutrients, to facilitate healthy bone development, and they need lots of sleep.

During this 9 months - they should be treated as a 2 year old child - the only exercise they need is very minimal, and they should not be allowed to use stairs, or jump up or down off say couches or beds.  This can damage their bones during this huge growth period.  In saying this, it is also important that danes have good bedding to sleep on.  A trampoline style bed, or good soft bedding, will stop them developing calluses on their elbow joints, due to their weight or the use of hard areas.  Their exercise - or out door area, should be contained, as they do not want a large area,  For a rough idea, think of a double garage per month - so say at 3 months, 3 double garage size, 4 months - 4 double garages etc.  After 9 months you are able to allow free range.  This is not generally a problem, as Great Danes are home bodies and do not normally go far from their beloved owners, preferring to be near you, and spending their day laying on the couch.

They are also, therefore, indoor dogs, they have short coats and are not suited for outdoor living.  Owners should be home a lot of the day - they are not really suitable for people that are out for 8 hours a day.  They just want to be with you.

Feeding and watering should always be done from elevated bowls, so they are not having to crane down for this, and also trying to ensure they are not gulping air with their intake.  Danes - being narrow chested - are one of the breeds - prone to bloat.  Bloat is a twisted stomach - normally caused by exercise before or after a meal (like your Mum said - no swimming after a meal), so a good 1/2 hour of quiet time after every meal (like you feel after a Sunday roast), is highly recommended, along with the elevated bowls.

Danes - when raised with children - are absolutely fine, but because of their size, it is a worry when they are around small children, although Danes are very careful about their size, and where they put their feet and tail (they rarely knock anything over), they can accidentally knock young children over.  Therefore, it is preferable to have older children around them.

Puppy training is highly recommended - you want an obedient 80 kg dog - not a naughty one.  Its going to take you about 8 x 1 hour lessons, and you then know, you have a well behaved dog.  Continue to reinforce these lessons, as they grow, and what a happy pair you will be.  Imagine a Dane running along the beach, and you can call him back at any time - excellent.  This is necessary as because of their size, some people can be scared of them running up to them, plus little dogs generally are scared of such big dogs running up to play with them, so the little dogs will generally attack them.  Danes normally shake this off - and put it down to "small person syndrome", but it is wise to have control over them, to prevent the Danes getting hurt.  Often people will say to you "my dog gets on fine with other dogs" - this may be true - but honestly when confronted with the size of the Dane many dogs do not like this - as a Dane loves to play, and be friendly, but the smaller dogs, can be scared of their size - so be wary.

If you have a Mini car, you may want to think how on earth you are going to get your dog in it for outings or if they need to go to the vet.

You should also expect - if you are buying off a reputable breeder - that they will always be available to help you, and they will keep in touch and be there for your every query.  You should get a folder with feeding requirements, and instructions - as outlined above.  You should expect to see how the pup has been kept - (as they may want to see how you are going to keep them) - you should meet the Sire and Dam (unless from frozen semen) - you should get total support, and expect your breeder (new best friend) to cry when you take your pup away to their new home.  We love them.  Also a reputable breeder generally does not make money out of their litter, as we do it right, and feed premium food, register, vaccinate, have puppies from select breeding,  we do it for the love of it, seeing your happy face, and the great up-bringing "our kids" will have.

So you have it in a nut shell, lovely playful, huge, sometimes goobers, but the best there is, after their initial 9 months you have THE BEST DOG THERE IS.

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