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Empress - this is Empress in her new home in Australia with her loving Mum, Cindy,  and Dad (Rob).  A family picture is to follow.  Rob is a policeman - she is not under arrest.

She has a lovely friend to play with, Bella (Dane cross), and loves her new home, and obviously takes Robs pillow when he gets up in the morning.

Below is Mystic, she lives (lucky her, wish I did) in Kauai (Hawaii).  These are some pics of her Mum, Alex, and her, and Mystic playing zoomie zooms with her Harlequin friend, Rowdy, she also has Doxies to play with and has the most adoring Mum and Dad.  Thanks Alex for the pics  - Alex says Mystic loves her husband Phil and her and " Mystic has been the most treasured dog.  I just left her in the yard in the shade on the tiles I layed down underneath the falling hybiscus.  She is one dog in a million.  Very special.

                Her sweetness is just entrancing and she does not have a cross bone in her gorgeous body.  Her coat is always shining like a mirror and she knows me very well.  I know her too.  I think that maybe in another time, she and I may have been the best of friends who do not need words to say "i love you".

Melissa and Greg love Tara, below.  They are sending a family pic soon, this is her after winning, as Melissa says:   And she did a Half Iron Race (Greg’s Medal) – not bad for a Dane!!!

Tara lives in Victoria, on a life style block, and has a Dalmation play mate, along with horses etc.

Below is Luna, she lives in Marlborough, on a huge vineyard.  Her Mum has just had a baby, and this is the press release, showing Luna, dotingly looking on at her little new friend. 

Pictured below, is Nero, and his loving family, thanks guys for the awesome pics, and family photo is great, ta Alex, and Jim.  Here is a comment from them:


Our pup Nero was apparently the runt of the litter, but as you can see 
he has grown into a marvellous big boy!
He is such a loyal man and every night when we have all gone to bed, 
you can hear him dragging his bed and putting it outside our daughters 
room where he sleeps.
He has his quirks and has always enjoyed pulling the washing off the 
line and he likes to round up our chickens too - he is even protective 
over them!
He is very much an indoor dog and will find any little patch of 
sunshine that comes through the window and lies there all day.
He's got a few grey hairs on his chin now and he's getting a bit 
stubborn so we have bought him a wee Dane friend - a little girl  
 called Gypsy who is keeping him on his toes.
He is doing a great job of training her - he's the BEST!!
Russell and Jenny have been fantastic support and have always been 
there with help and advice when we need it and have even brought Italy 
round for play dates which Nero loves.
Anyway, here are some pics of our beautiful boy.....





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